MDL Story Transfer Complete

15 December 2005

Finished touching up all 26 episodes of MDL the story. If you notice anything odd with the formatting contact Yarias. If you notice anything grammatically wrong with the stories contact Necros.

The next step is to get our little joke MDL in 30 Seconds coded and uploaded. After that start work on Fire Emblem: Mythril Dynasty Legends (FEMDL) which will be based off the same general story as MDL, only with a more coherant, logical, and compelling story.

Sidebar Navigation Menu Layout Finalized & Episode 1 of MDL Formatted

3 December 2005

Completed the code for the sidebar menu, but have yet to implement it on all the pages that need it. My next step in the process is to translate the notes that are supposed to be read before MDL so that you know what the formatting means. After that, transfer and format episodes 1-25. Then work on the about page, finish the contacts page, and finally add the MDL the Game part of the Projects section.

Website Layout Finalized

2 December 2005

I finalized the layout for the website today. It doesn't quite work as intended in Internet Explorer, but its close enough that I'm not going to worry about it. The only thing that should be wrong with IE is that the sword should not extend to the right of the screen, and any .png images that are layered will not have transparency effects. If you notice anything else, please contact me.