Owen's Face

Mythril Dynasty Legends Creator & Website Designer

Name: Owen Durni

Alias: Yarias Nialo

Role in Campaign: DM & Yarias Nialo

IRC: IRC Dynastynet #senuntien

AIM: Yarias Nialo

E-mail: yarias@senuntien.com

Bob's Face

Mythril Dynasty Legends Story Writer / Script Editor & Music Composer

Name: Bob Muir

Alias: Necros Antiquor

Role in Campaign: Denkaiteki Shonen [new name pending]

IRC: IRC Dynastynet #senuntien

AIM: Necros Antiquor

E-mail: necros@senuntien.com [need to set up]

Mike's Face

Random Inspiration & Music Composer

Name: Mike Leone

Alias: Vega Voltesa

Role in Campaign: Vega Voltesa

IRC: IRC Dynastynet #senuntien

AIM: WOP33327

E-mail: vega@senuntien.com [need to set up]

Other Mythril Dynasty Legends Players

Name: Chris Saunders

Alias: Kamenoto

Role in Campaign: Shem Whistler

AIM: balonimonkey

Name: Kyle Schenk

Alias: Mr. K

Role in Campaign: Elrohir Part II

Name: Alex ...

Alias: Connor

Role in Campaign: Elrohir Part I