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Captain Falcon’s Down with It

I’ve never noticed this before. For years, I’ve played as Captain Falcon in Super Smash Bros. Melee (and original), using his taunt in which he salutes the screen and says, “Show your moves!” However, it wasn’t until I finally got my PS2 and my copy of Dance Dance Revolution Konamix (which is very fun) that I realized that Captain Falcon is a reject from DDR. There is a popular DDR phrase: Show me your moves! Apparently, Captain Falcon must have auditioned to be one of the hip dancers shown in the background of the game, but was rejected not only because he was too cheesy, but also because he couldn’t add the word “me” to his phrase. Now, Captain Falcon is still practicing his phrase in SSBM while he waits for his next audition…
Anyways, my PS2 is in and I’m greatly enjoying it, even though I only have PSX games. DDR Konamix has a bunch of good songs, and Final Fantasy VII is good as well. I also bought Final Fantasy VIII, which is waiting in the wings after I finish VII. I find it very stupid, though, that you cannot save PSX games on a PS2 memory card, and vice versa. I found it kind of difficult to find a decent PSX memory card, though not as difficult as it is to try and find the original DDR game for PSX. (This is very hard, if next to impossible.)
Here’s a quick question: what do you do if you’re an anime company in the US that has licensed an insanely popular anime and want to market it to little kids, but one of the main characters smokes like a fiend? If you are 4Kids Entertainment and you’re licensing One Piece as a “kid’s” show, then there’s only one thing to do: change all of the guy’s cigarettes into candy canes. I am not joking you, Sanji is losing his cigarette and will be constantly eating a candy cane. Okay, I’m ready to kill 4Kids Entertainment now.
I’ve gotten some e-mails about a bit of wrong information in my previous rant. It has been screamed at me (I assume they were screaming) that it was a sophomore that made the end of the year prank that destroyed the last day of our school, not a senior, and that the sophomore was even in the math class of a friend of mine. I don’t know why, but the people in the e-mail got very mad at me for making a simple mistake. Some quotes from the e-mails: “Are you a moron or something.” Are you a loser? “I at least expect you to have a clue before you post something on there.” Oh, I have many clues. For example, I solved two crimes before I posted this. “You are a fucking moron and should issue a correction immediately (but its a “:f”ing rant so you can’t).” So I’m a moron who gets a lot of action in bed? Sounds fine to me. “I hat it when people get information wrong.” I pants it when people use clothes as verbs. “[The email]’s a little screwed up.” I think you’re a little screwed up. “It’s just upsetting to read my last rant from you guys before I leave for camp on Sunday and it contains mis information.” It’s upsetting that you care this much about “mis information”, but can’t be bothered to spell it right.
That about wraps it up. Oh, I almost forgot. Here’s a bit more of an e-mail in which I get yelled at for something Yoshy wrote last week: “As to you yoshi it is a crime against humanity not to read actual books this summer.” First off, he is not “yoshi”, for that is the name of the species. His name is “Yoshy”. Secondly…I DON’T WRITE THE OTHER RANTS. If you have a problem with them, write to THE PERSON WHO WROTE IT. So, that wraps it up. See you next week, when I’ll chew off the head of another idiot who deserves it!
And now, the happy face. =)

Yoshy Tri Star


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