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Necros Antiquor

Hello, and welcome to Realms of Encypher! My name is Necros Antiquor, and this siteís presence is a dream come true. Iíve been wanting a website for a long time now, and so apparently has Yoshy Tri Star. Vega the co-admin...well, I donít know about him. Since Yoshy Tri Star doesnít seem to be doing an opening "rant"/post, Iíll fill in any blanks. Yoshy Tri Star is the head admin of the site (since it is officially his) and is also the webmaster. In our circle of people we know, Yoshy can be considered god and the supreme authority on everything. Me? Iím just a normal (admin) guy, though Iíll be writing plenty on the site. (Arenít we all normal in our own eyes?) A little about myself: Iím a person with diverse activities. I play games, watch plenty of anime, do computer stuff, typical "geek" stuff. However, Iím also a musician, playing the cello, piano, and bass guitar. (Insert FLCL reference here.) I play in a small handful of orchestras and ensembles. I am also a runner, with a 19-minute personal record for a 5K race. Finally, most important to this site, I write.
All right, some site stuff. Well, the main reason that this site came into being (at least for me) was this: The Chronicles of Vilskiana. This is an epic story Iím writing that spans many smaller "series" (a.k.a. stories). The one thing Iíve tried to do with this is give it an "anime" feel. It would be very easy to adapt this story into an anime (or more likely, a manga), so while reading it, try to keep this in mind. Even the "seasons" of stories will correspond to the anime standard of 26 episodes (a.k.a. chapters) for a season.
The Chronicles of Vilskiana is an ongoing story, so when one series is finished, another will usually begin right away, though not always in direct connection to the previous one. Currently, the only part of the story Iím writing is Mythril Dynasty Legends, which is actually based off a D&D campaign by Yoshy Tri Star. Though it actually happens in about the middle of The Chronicles of Vilskiana, since it is a spin-off of another planned story, no knowledge is required of the other series. Iím also trying to work on the first series, Era of Legends, but I am a very busy person, so it likely wonít be even posted for a while. Episodes of Mythril Dynasty Legends will be posted on a weekly basis, probably around the middle of the week.
So, I bet youíre asking yourself, "What else is on this little site that should make me bookmark it?" Well, thereís plenty here. First off, there are going to be engaging rants by at least me, Yoshy, and Vega. Second, you can make this site one of your principal sources for news on games, anime, and manga. There will also be plenty of reviews of those things as well. This content will likely show up later, once the site has been up longer.
Finally, the community of Zephyr Online is being reestablished here! Zephyr Online is a growing community of games, including private servers for Ragnarok Online, Starcraft, and Warcraft. When the original site went under from the "loss" of the administrator paradoX, fans were at a lost when it came to Zephyr news and forums. Well, weíre proud to announce that those features will be returning! Go register at the forum and join the fun.
Well, thatís the long and short of Realms of Encypher. I personally hope that this will grow to be a healthy, online community unto its own.

Vega Voltesa

Hey everybody! This is Vega. I will be a main source of entertainment through out this site and the stories of MDL. I am very random and mentally unstable. Iím not going through the whole "Hey, the site is up, Iíve been waiting for this." If you want that go look at Necrosís rant. Occasionally I will put up a monthly... ah, u could say "news letter." Its not news, its my opinion...which is better than news...mostly mocking stuff I hate and commenting on stuff I likeÖand mocking out basically lots of things Necros likesÖbecause he likes a lot of crap...yup. Yoshy and I have alike minds, very "synchronized" as we put it. Common interests and what not. We often will rave about yoshis and orange and the number 3. We can relate ANYTHING to those things, its pretty cool. Well, there is my introduction ^_^. Hope you like the site!

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