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End of the World (History)

I just took my AP World History exam this week! Even though I’ve got until the middle of June left for the course in school, we really don’t have much to do. Now I’m gonna have so much free time! Also, in my English class, the major research paper we were doing is over, turning English back into a low maintenance class. What this means to you: the site will be updated mostly on time, hopefully with new stuff soon.
Sorry about no new Mythril Dynasty Legends episode this week. I have to fine tune some stuff in the episodes, rewrite a bit of stuff I didn’t like, and, as always, work on finishing the mythical episode 26.
Two Fridays ago (April 30th), the rest of the Japanese Club and I (along with many volunteers) held a video game tournament at our school to raise money for our trip to Japan next year. From what I could tell, in our entire county, there has never been a school-sponsored video game event. In addition to getting together the gaming community of our school to hang out with free-play games, we had tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Melee, Halo, Soul Calibur II, and Mario Kart: Double Dash!! The turnout was much better than we had hoped, and even if us moderators were running around the entire night, it seemed like everyone had a good time. Our Japanese Club is even discussing having another one before the end of the year, but only time will tell. If we have another one, we’ll change two things: actual organization and more volunteers.
I think that pretty soon, I’m going to start drawing stuff related to the Chronicles of Vilskiana. To be honest, I’m a terrible artist, but I’ve never actually tried to draw something good. I always sketch some horrible pseudo-stick figure comic, and make my focus the word bubbles. If I spend some time on what I’m doing, I believe I could draw something cool. I’ll probably start with Necros and a Necros avatar, so I can get rid of the one I have of Naota from FLCL. Of course, then I’ll also have to download Photoshop and learn to do that as well. Maybe – maybe – I could start doing a (black-and-white) manga adaptation of Mythril Dynasty Legends and the upcoming Era of Legends…
And now, the happy face. =)

Yoshy Tri Star

Site Update Info

Well, we all know how lazy I've been with the site! Well, now it's time for a change. The site will get updated every Monday at Midnight. Meaning Between Sunday and Monday, not Monday and Tuesday. I should be able to get it working and have it FTP at that time, unless my comp crashes or something. Summer is almost around the corner! YAY! That means more time for all of us. And now, I'm off...