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Necros Antiquor

Worstest of News, Fellow One-Piece-ers! (That Sounds Wrong)

By now, I think that many people have heard the bad news, but just in case, I got it right here. There is a very popular anime in Japan called One Piece, about pirates in search of this legendary treasure and a main character who can stretch like rubber. It is insanely good, and Shonen Jump USA has been publishing the manga every month in its pages. However, fans want the anime, and with good reason: it’s a very fun anime, if not a little too heavy on the beat-em-up stuff. However, for some reason, no company would license it for an American release. Then, out of nowhere, a huge war erupted among the main anime companies about who would get the rights to the show. The victor? The much hated 4Kids Entertainment, the anime publisher that destroyed Megaman.EXE, Shaman King, Sonic X, and Yu-Gi-Oh! by doing terrible, heavily edited dubs that were dumbed down for kids. This is ultimately One Piece’s fate. There is still hope, however, of an unedited, sub-only version, since FUNimation is getting the rights to many 4Kids animes to do unedited, subtitled versions. We can only hope this is true.
In other news…I finished writing Season One of Mythril Dynasty Legends! I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I’m going to start work on Season Two very soon. Episode 24 is now up, 25 will go up June 21, and 26 will appear on June 28.
Hm…summer is almost here for me, I just have some exams…
And now, the happy face. =)

Yoshy Tri Star

Today Was Extra Peculiar

Morning - Yoshy was tired. How is that even possible???

I'll just go through the periods of the day

1: Watched video on how leaches and maggots can be used to help treat people with amputated limbs, or of the stupid variety, people who cut off their own limbs. I don't know, if it were me, and I had an open wound on my foot, I really wouldn't want to put 50+ maggots in it to help heal it. One word: wrong

2: Free - ate lunch at 8:00am. Enough said.

3: English - Meh, pretty normal... Awards, dumb-dumbs, and music. -_-

4: Gym - Stupid freshmen were throwing bouncy balls off the walls/cieling/each other and seemingly having a great time doing it. Secondly, and even more peculiarly, I witnessed a guy write "I am delicious" on another guy's arm in Kanji <_<.

5: Lunch - Fire alarm and evacuation. Stay outside whole period

6: Math - Still outside, started playing cards.

7: Math - Still outside, now playing Hearts. Massive waves of people just getting up and leaving for the community center.

8: Spanish - Back inside, into the Gym. Continued playing cards, only this time Euchre.

9: AP World History - Back to Cafeteria to make up the lunch that most people missed, except there wasn't any food being sold

Afternoon: In iRO, two enemies in a row, got their cards (Thara Frog/Vadon). Sold them way overpriced and bought some way underpriced mage equiptment.

Yup, I think that was it, and now I'm off.