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Necros Antiquor

Final Chronicles of Fantasy Crystal Thingies

Woot, I finally got around to ordering my copy of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles, receiving it on Wednesday! (For those who care, that is why the 10th episode of Mythril Dynasty Legends and this rant weren’t finalized and posted.) Let me just say that the game is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. There are plenty of cool, fog-like effects and everything is crisp. The music is a little Renaissance-like (kinda different from other Final Fantasy games), but it gets the job done. In case you have no idea what it’s like, you create a character from one of four races, get a moogle to carry around a protective chalice for you, and venture into a dungeon covered in poisonous fog to defeat the boss at the end and gain a drop of…stuff (it powers your towns protective crystals). In multiplayer (the real point of the game), you create a 2-4 people party (no moogle carries the chalice for you) and fight that way. I’ve only gotten to play some singleplayer, but this weekend Yoshy, Vega, and Kamenoto are coming to my house to start a 4-person campaign up. For now, even though I’m dying to play the game, I have a stupid essay to write for my AP World History class (just my luck…).
In other news, SIGN UP IN THE FORUMS if you haven’t already. We’re looking to create a large community (especially for the battle arena), and…it’s kinda quiet right now. We look forward to seeing your membership!
I don’t know what Nintendo is trying to do with the Nintendo DS, the new portable gaming system. From early reports, it has N64-like graphics, is backwards compatible with the GBA, has wireless support, and – this is the strangest part – it will have TWO screens. What you can do with two screens, I don’t know; it seems like a novelty to me. And this is the biggest thing: it WON’T be competing against the PSP, Sony’s upcoming handheld. Well, if a system has N64 graphics and PSP is coming out, what is it supposed to do but compete? If anything, this will draw sales away from the next Game Boy, which needs to have nearly PS2-like graphics and a digital medium other than cartridges. Hopefully, more will be revealed at E3 this spring.
Oh, and if you haven’t heard yet, Gundam Seed will be coming to Toonami in April, and .hack//DUSK is also confirmed (no confirmed airdate). I’m going back to working on my essay. And now, the happy face. =)

Yoshy Tri Star

Hello, the rant that you've really been waiting for! Yes, I am the admin of this site and creator of the DnD campaing that MDL is based on. If you have read it, I personally am most like the character Never: very confusing and wordy. I'll try to avoid doing that on the pages of this site ;). Except maybe in the forums ^_^.
Recently, well actually yesterday, I replayed Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It was the first time I had played in 7 years. That game is soooo fun. Oh, and by the way, I beat it on my first try =). I still have the whole Metal Sonic fight memorized. And did you know that there used to be a Sonic TV show? Well you did, did you... okey, well my point is the show informs viewers that Metal Sonic is Sonic's father, but thats besides the point.
Hmmm... Well, Later today I'm going to be playing FFCC for the first time, and won't own a copy until Monday or Tuesday, when I get back from visiting colleges near Pittsburg. Namely Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsberg. Yeah, so I'll be back then.
I really need to tell all the people at LuminatX and SK about this site ^_^. I really haven't made an effort to yet. Well, when I send the new MDL email out I'll make 'em come here.