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Necros Antiquor

Friends Are Not Just Game Accessories

It cannot be understated how cool and fun it is to have three friends come over to your house to play a bunch of multiplayer games with you. The environment created when playing a multiplayer game just can’t be recreated with an online game, mainly because the expressions made by your friends as they kick your ass or goof up big time are priceless. Insults, challenges, and laughs are the products of such games, along with plenty of good times, especially on those special multiplayer games.

Case in point: as you may have read, Yoshy, Vega, and Kamenoto came over to my house for Saturday night to start up a campaign in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. (I would like to mention that though it may cost you a pretty penny for a bunch of GBAs to even PLAY multiplayer, the ability to go through menus without pissing off your friends as they wait around is priceless.) As we played, we each began to take on specific roles, such as the fighter, healer, magician, and bucket (er…crystal chalice) carrier. In online games, you could ask for someone to heal you so you don’t die, but when your friend is screaming in your ear “frickin’ heal me before I kill you heal me heal me HEAL ME”, you tend to react faster and have a much more fun game. (As you may have guessed, I was the healer.) That’s the kind of thing that you just don’t get with online games.

Now, I’m not against online games, in fact, I wish I played them more often. However, despite the fact that it’s harder to get three people over at your house for a while then to just go online, it’s definitely worth it, especially if you have a Gamecube. To mention a couple of other worthwhile multiplayer games: Bomberman, F-Zero GX, Mario Kart, Pac-Man Vs., Phantasy Star Online (in offline mode), and of course, Super Smash Bros. Melee, the ultimate party game.

If you haven’t seen yet, our new channel in IRC is #encypherealms on the DynastyNet server. Head onto the news page for more info. Also, Hild’s channel is #neflheim, also on DynastyNet. Till next week, I remain your…something…yeah…
And now, the happy face. =)

Yoshy Tri Star

Websites Are Good Excuses to Procrastinate

Well, this morning I realized the above. I have a Spanish project that I've been putting off for a while now, and what do you know? Yup, It's due on Monday, 2 days away. So I awoke this morning and really didn't feel like doing it. So instead I devoted the morning to working on the website. Funny how I just replaced boring and tedious work with other more fun work like it was nothing. But after I finish this rant and upload the rest of the site, I really do need to finish the translation. By the way, its about religious traditions, and if you know me you'll know why I'm particularly bored by that subject.

In other news ^_^: Starkingdoms was hit by a Denial of Service attack and is currently down. Happened right before a big war too. Someone wanted to ruin the fun. Was about to leave Prophecy and join LuminatX too.

Went back and played the Adaptable CPU in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and they are now officially insane. Of course, being me, I never lost a match. But I did almost always have to use my last life in a 3 stock Final Destination, no items match. I guess me and my friends have taught the CPU enough that it is challenging now. On my save they officially Wave Dash Combo, Crouch Cancel Counter, use Easter Eggs (including Ice Climbers Soul Stun o_o), are amazing at telegrabing, edge guard, as well as off edge spiking, and last but not least, they have learned fox's infinate shine combo. Oh, and one last thing, lvl 9 CPU's are particularly good with Ice Climbers and Game & Watch.

Hmm... Be sure to read the news, I don't feel like retyping it here, so I'm off