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New Anime on TV? Who Would’ve Thought?

Believe it or not, Cartoon Network is switching up their anime schedule, which has been extremely successful for the past six years. For those not in the know, Cartoon Network hosts the 2-hour block of dubbed anime known as Toonami, responsible for spreading anime-awareness in the past six years. However, lately, it’s become a place of reruns, anime crap, and even some American shows. I was going to rant on about this, but due to current events a couple of days before the update, I had to rewrite almost all of my rant. (Scroll down to see part of the original one.)
Cartoon Network has just made the announcement that Toonami will no longer be shown weekday afternoons like it has been for six years. Instead, a new action/anime programming block will be shown called Miguzi, focusing on the 6-11 year old viewers’ demographic. Of the first four shows for the block, only one of them is an anime, though two are anime-styled shows and one of them is the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Fans of anime may be wondering, “Why this? Toonami has been terrible lately, but it shouldn’t be replaced with worse shows.” Have faith: remember that “Saturday Video Entertainment System” on Saturday night where any new, decent shows have been going? Well, once Miguzi starts, Toonami will replace SVES. However, in exchange for only viewing it once a week, Toonami will not only receive new shows like Gundam Seed, but will also feature much less cuts then in the past, not right away, but eventually it will be considered TV-PG. Cartoon Network’s goal is this: Miguzi will be the elementary-middle school programming block, Toonami will turn into a teen-rated block, and Adult Swim (the anime block on late at night) will continue to feature nearly uncut anime. I think this is a brilliant move, especially since a “teen” show like Kenshin was cut so horribly when on the old Toonami. BTW, Adult Swim will eventually be shown Saturdays after Toonami, around midnight. Only time will tell if this rearranging will be successful.
In gaming news, the Ragnarok server is back up, thanks to some hard work from Hild and help from the community! Just a reminder: please sign up in the forums so we can talk with you! Till next week, I leave you.
And now, the happy face. =)

This is the original rant I had planned:

A Barren Wasteland of Crap

I am completely convinced that some executive at Cartoon Network is trying to kill the Toonami programming block. For those who haven’t heard of it, it is a 2-hour block of dubbed anime on Cartoon Network on weekday afternoon. Until the now popular Adult Swim started up (mostly uncut anime on late at night), Toonami was more or less the only worthwhile place to watch anime on TV, hosting shows such as Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, Outlaw Star, and Tenchi. As DBZ ended and Gundam left, they brought a butchered version of Rurouni Kenshin to the table and stole Yu Yu Hakusho from Adult Swim. Most people don’t realize that Toonami has always pushed the limits of the TV-Y7 rating, being the most violent Y7 on TV, but the editing seen in Kenshin and Yu Yu was unbelievable. This two shows brought in more ratings, but in June, it all went downhill.
Cartoon Network brought in something known as the Saturday Video Entertainment System, playing Saturday around 7PM-2AM. From then on, all worthwhile shows were moved there, including Kenshin. When September, the time for new animes, rolled around, there was no new DBZ as usual since it had finished being aired. So how did they try to bring in viewers? By showing a crappy SD Gundam show. Don’t get me wrong, I love chibi gundams as much as the next guy, but the show was decidedly kiddy, with horrible dubs and a terrible, sugary storyline. Reruns were shown, movies were aired, and non-anime shows were even put in the block! Finally, new Dragonball episodes were shown, but since they were edited, they were as tame as other kid shows. Dragonball GT, the blocks only possible salvation for drawing in good ratings, was only shown once a week. And now Gundam Seed, another possible salvation, will also be aired on SVES.
I seriously hope that this is not the future of Toonami. It doesn’t deserve to be turned into a kiddy block of has-been shows. What Toonami needs is some kick-ass show to prove that it still has the goods, something along the line of the popular but unlicensed One Piece or Naruto, because as it currently stands, Toonami has nothing going for it.

Yoshy Tri Star

GM Powers = More Free Time

Yup, as you may already know or not, Hild has recently given me GM status in zRO Aesir. After taking a little while to start figuring out the commands, and all the thing you can do with them, I started to have some fun. Randomly appearing behind people while they are in remote parts of the Rune-Mid world. After roaming around the world and all the impossible dungeons, I realized that I have gotten sick of listening to the RO music after listening to it for three years since iRO before it went p2p. So, I decided to go make myself a new BGM folder, and I managed to replace all the music except the special christmas ones, which you don't here often anyways. I'll be putting the alternate BGM folder on the site later this month, after I perfect it persay.

Not having to level and other things of such nature, including hunting Phreeoni for his Fortune Swords has given me quite a bit of extra time, which unfortunatly, last weekend was spent doing homework that all of a sudden wasn't due until Wendsday. Oh well, though I did get extra credit for having it done ^_^.

Lastly, math is getting easier and more boring everyday I take it. Today was spent reviewing definate integrals and tommarow is basically the same thing. The test isn't until Thursday and supposedly I'm going to have some quout un-quote challenging and interesting problems. But I did have fun in both classes after the long math class. Our Spanish substitute was making jokes, funny ones mind you, continually throughout the class, and everyone was laughing. They weren't the stupid kind of jokes either that people come up with today, they were mostly witty comments directed at someone who wasn't paying attention or just looked right for the bit. Then after that AP World History is always fun. Well, the class isn't, it's a lot of work, but the teacher is fun. That reminds me, I don't see how we get more homework in honors Bio than in APWH. It baffles the mind, and everyone agrees with me.

Vega and I played Final Fantasy: Christal Chronicles last Saturday, and that was fun. As well as the following day, playing DnD and finally switching from unplanned wild, out of control Bloosh-like sessions, to planed well organized and serious ones. Not to give much away, but in Season Two of Mythril Dynasty Legends, near the middle, expect a change of tone.

Well I have to vacate the computer so someone else in the house can get on... But I was done anyways! :P