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Science DBQ... What the Hell Is That?

Heya everyone! Vega here finally with a rant! Yoshy has been bugging me all day for this….and I’m a slacker so its nighttime now and I have little time to do this! (Sigh in relief) I’m used to stress by now seeing how I always do homework last minute…hmmm…I have an essay due tomorrow…..

Yoshy and I did some more crystal chronicles the other day…it took us an hour for just one level, stupid ramps that are hard to see. Also another friend played too….that was annoying seeing how he never played before and totally sucked at it (sorry mark^_^). Speaking of RPGs, my main character in ragnarok just crapped out on me because his main skill that I based him around became CRAP! As in used to do 10K damage now does 1K….so now I have a crusader that is a freaking tank…they have a lot of retarded skills (as in I take only 80% of the damage that I normally would and I block 30% of all attacks).
Had some fun playing Magic the Gathering today. You know your deck is good where in one turn you can easily gain 25 life and you are drawing 5 cards a turn….but my friends deck is even more retarded so I lost…lousy wrath of god…if only I had an ageless entity…then that would kick butt….mmm….ageless entity…

Anime wise…I have nothing really to talk about….ya see, unlike Necros I only watch GOOD animes and I only watch cartoon network for family guy at futurama seeing how they show NOTHING good anymore….or really ever…well, I am just now finishing DBGT, decent show, some might say its better than DBZ just because you don’t have to watch them power up for 10 episodes. Also DBGT has the all-powerful Gula! GULA LA LA LA LA LA!!!

For those of you out there that don’t personally know me, I am the most. I mean MOST! Unlucky person there is. Just on ragnarok the other day a drops got 4 perfect dodges on me in a row….THAT A PROBOBLITY OF 1 IN 16,000,000!!!!! Another example would be…EVERY MATCH OF SSBM I HAVE EVER PLAYED! <yes! I am finally gonna win! I am going to beat Yoshy! (Bomb appears on top of me) BOOM! I lose>…or this one time…<yes, I’m gonnna win! (pokeball appears) yes! I pick it up, clefairy jumps out. AID ME POKEMON! (explodes everything around it, bomb appears next to me, the clefairy blows it up, I lose again> ……..sooo much fun playing games like that -__-. Well…I have to get started on that essay. SEE YA!

Yoshy Tri Star

The Bane of My Existance

This week I have had TWO things that I like to call the bane of my existance. Number one, people without common sense. Number two, AP World History Review Packets.

As Vega mentioned we and Mark (some other person) played FFCC on Saturday. Well, Mark is number one. He says, “My bonus is don’t pick up anything, so… can I pick up that spell?” We (being me and Vega for the rest of this rant) yell, “Is magic a THING?!?, because your bonus is not to pick up ANYTHING!” Mark didn’t seem to get it -_-. Then later when we told him to pick up a cure stone he wouldn’t because he wanted his bonus, so later he kept on wondering why he was dying.

Now on to the number two, the APWHRP (Advanced Placement World History Review Packet)... Hey! that’s just as long as the AGWYPD (Adamantine Great Wyrm Prismatic Dragon) o_o… anyways, they are the most pointless thing we do in all of that class. In summary we have to summarize a 100 page summary of part of the course. The end product ends up being about 30 typed pages on average… Everyone hates them, and I ALMOST hate them as much as illogical people.

And… back to work on number two… I’m off.