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Necros Antiquor

Learning is Fun!

Know what I learned that really matters this week? The answer will surprise you. With all my honors courses (English, Bio, etc.), AP World History, orchestra, and jazz band, the most important thing I learned is that Sunkist makes a strawberry soda. Who knew this? I can assure you that very few people do. For dinner on Friday night, I was lucky enough to see it and buy it. It was good. Now I know that Sunkist is not just orange soda, but something far greater. Something so great that we cannot begin to comprehend it. I must continue my investigation of this new phenomenon.

The winter is coming to a close for us here in Penfield. In fact, two weeks ago we had one day that went up to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. 60 degrees! Of course, because the weather here always sucks somehow, it was followed by two really cold weeks. And there was snow. The snow was cold. And it wasn’t the cool snow like you see in animes, it was crap snow. Has anyone ever noticed that the only reason snow exists in an anime is so cute girls can stand in it and look sad?

Speaking of the end of winter and the coming of psuedo-spring, spring track at my school has finally started, so now I’ve got practice everyday after school no matter how cold it is outside. Anytime I run in a slightly-open area, the wind penetrates all my layers of clothing and freezes me to death. This includes training on the actual track, which for once is not covered by huge piles of snow.

It should be stated here and now that our track/football stadium is complete crap. While all other schools in our area have “all-weather” rubber tracks, ours is still made out of uneven gravel. The football field in the middle is uneven and the goalposts easily bend. The stadium seats are slanting, sharp, and falling apart. Why can’t we use some of that federal funding money to buy new stuff? But alas, it is a hopeless cause.
Well, I’m loaded down with homework, but I’m still keeping my sanity. I better go finish it before I completely screw myself.

And now, the happy face. =)

Yoshy Tri Star

Computer Problems

Hmm… Since I only have 5 minutes to write this rant it’s not going to be very long! Better get to typing some actual content.

Ever since we got this new “temporary” keyboard I have liked this computer less and less. Its frozen more, laggier, and less functional. Of course most of this is probly my imagination trying to grasp onto something while going through the torture of the APWHRP. I know one thing for sure though, this computer is in the wrong spot on the desk. Its in the corner and you can’t have good posture while typing at it. Keyboards at a positive angle, keyboard isn’t close enough, and doesn’t even have enough cord to reach. My wrists aren’t nuetral and the moniter isn’t parellel with my head. But even after all this, for some odd reason the computer is being used more and more. The other old computer (1994) I have is running Solaris 9 and has what I need to do the review packet. It has a nicer keyboard and a moveable keyboard tray. The only problem is I type to fast for it. It lags when I type =(. Anyways now I really do have to go.

Side note: Phantasy Star Online III: C.A.R.D. Revolution is in the mail and should arrive by Thursday. I will be able to rant on that next week. With FFCC and all I kinda forgot about the release date back on the third. I just hope I don’t get loaded up with more HW than I already have. I’m off.