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Necros Antiquor

Life Always Screws You Over…ALWAYS

Wow, talk about bad luck with everything. Yes, with all the cool stuff around me, I currently believe that my life sucks. Yes, you heard it, my life sucks. This is sort of like that thing that Vega said where he has bad luck, except that instead of random things, it’s all of life. First off, it snowed this week. Again. When it snows this late in the season, you figure that they are out of salt for the roads and there might – might – be a snow day the next day because of, like, a foot of snow. Unfortunately, I never catch a break, and I go into school like the tired dog I am. All that snow? It just made the outside world miserable to look at. This wouldn’t have been the worst thing if it wasn’t for the fact that I needed a day off to do some work. No, not a day off to hang out, play some video games, etc., but a day to do my massive AP World History homework which I haven’t been able to do much of because – what else? – I am too busy with stuff after school gets out. Sure, spring track is going good, but it’s taking time away from homework, and I’ve been starting to regard my life in terms of minutes and seconds. (Oh, this rant is probably going to waste 10 minutes of my life, too bad.) Now, while I’m struggling to get through this AP homework and study for the big test at the end of the week, what else happens but our teacher assigns more homework due two days after the other homework. So now I have absolutely no time whatsoever to myself, I am only working on homework like I have for the past week, and I’m stressing out.
Then, it happens. I get sick and I don’t go into school Thursday. Time to catch up on homework? Not really, as most of my time is spent sleeping in my bed. This continues into Friday, during which any free time I have is spent on doing homework while I’m coughing up a storm. The one consolation is that on Friday night I watched The Godfather for the first time, and it was great. What have I spent most of Saturday doing? Homework. What will I spend most of Sunday doing? More homework. No hanging out with my friends, no playing our D&D campaign which we haven’t touched for a while, not playing four-player Crystal Chronicles, not playing any of the numerous games I want to finish, not watching the anime tapes that are slowly piling up in my house, not writing Mythril Dynasty Legends (or for that matter, any stories), not leveling up my character in Ragnarok, but the same, crappy homework I’ve been doing for a while now. I’ll probably end up staying up late Sunday night, getting 2 hours of sleep.
Yoshy knows the kind of stuff I go through, though to a lesser extent. All of you who think you are so busy that you only get to play a bit of your video games: you have no idea the hell I live in when I have tons of games to play and no time to play them. How long have I had Final Fantasy Tactics Advance? This is the third month. How much have I finished? I’d say only 30 hours. Crystal Chronicles? Had for one month, only four “years” completed. Mario and Luigi for GBA? You don’t want to know. And they just keep coming…
This is not to mention all the stuff that happens in school. I have to make up a gym class, a Bio test, and an AP World History test as soon as I get back. Not a pretty picture. Then, there’s a girl that I like that I have no time to talk to or even ask her out (even if I had the guts to). I’ve got instruments to practice and track to run (and it’s been frickin’ cold running out there). I don’t mean to bring you all down, but this is just a way for me to make myself feel better and finish doing a rant at the same time. Enjoy your lives, for you have no idea how bad they could be.
And now, the angry face. >=(

Yoshy Tri Star

Phantasy Star Online Episode III C.A.R.D. Revolution

Well, since Necros’s rant is really depressing I won’t mention any of the boring work I did this weekend. Instead I’ll cheer you all up with a rant of PSOIII.

First off, I would like to state that the two PSO games cannot be compared. It would be like trying to compare chess to football, it just doesn’t work. One is a hack and slash, run around, get rares, kill stuff game, while the other is a collect cards, build deck stratagies, planning, turn-based game. Each is good in its own regards. Personally though, I think PSO III’s single player or 1v1 is more fun than PSOI&II and vice versa for when there are 3 or 4 players.

Ok, now on to the game itself. Warning: The very beginning of the game sucks. Yes, as with any card based game you start with all the worst cards and not enough of them to have any kind of stragaty whatsoever. However, as soon as you get your first few rares, the game improves tenfold. You can start to have deck stratagies and improve the overall effect of the game.

There are two different types you can play as. Either Hunters (the term, not the class) or Arkz. Hunters equipt multiple weapons and Arks summon creatures. Then each has the standard breakdown of HU, RA, FO, each having their own special abilities likewise. Currently I have both a good FO Hunter and Arkz deck. I still need a few more copies of cards to make them even more effective, but nonetheless they serve me well at the moment.

The stratagy involved even at my basic level is emense. Moreso in the deck building department than actual battles, but later when I get some assist cards and other assorted rares, in game planning is where its all at. You have a certain number of points (determined by a roll + various other conditions) to equipt items/summon creatures, move, attack, and play action cards. Once you go past one phase you cannot go back and undo stuff. The order is Roll (of dice), Set (equipt cards/summon), Move, Action, Draw (reconcile hand). Battles tend to get really chaotic and difficult to plan when there is a time limit. But, it can also be more fun that way, makes it more like an action game.

My only complaint is that the character you make and name only appears in the lobbies. You cannot battle with them, instead you have to choose between several story character cards (more of which can be unlocked fairly quickly by playing story mode).

I can see that the key attraction of this game will be multiplayer is 2v2 with a time limit of 15 seconds per action. Lots of chaos and people yelling because they accidentally did stuff in the wrong order. Although, good decks have to be played else it would get quite boring. The best part about time limit in vs, is that if you have a rare that no one else has, they won’t have time to see what special abilities it has!