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Hurray for Stupid People!

Okay, I gotta tell people this. I pre-ordered (don’t hit me) Pokémon Colosseum because it had a darker story than the Game Boy games (where you just fight eight gym leaders to become a master trainer). I put $5 down at Electronics Boutique. Normally I wouldn’t buy from there because the people make me uncomfortable, but I had a gift card with $9 on it. Well, I return to buy the full game a couple days later when it came in and figured I might as well pick up the guide, since they were offering a $15 dollar rebate for it (getting it essentially for free). I hand the cashier the gift card and, for some reason, there are $19 dollars on it, not $9. I figure I miscalculated something and forget it. I then hand him a mall gift certificate for $20. (Why should I pay for stuff with my money?) He adds it in and says my total is about $2.50. I say, “Excuse me?” and he repeats the total. Now, all that stuff should have had a value of $70 with tax, minus the $5 down, but he tells me the total and I again decide that I miscounted the cost of the goods. I get home and glance at the receipt and what do I see but TWO mall gift certificates for $20. The guy counted it twice! So I got a Gamecube game and a guide for $7.50. That was nice. I almost bought another game with the money I saved until I realized that I had barely played some other games.

I don’t know about you, but Resident Evil 4 is looking good. In case you haven’t heard, the enemies in RE4 won’t be zombies but “not-human” humans. The AI I’ve heard about that game is amazing. Block a door with a desk, and they’ll attack the windows. Board up the windows, and they’ll raise a ladder to try and enter from upstairs. Knock that down, and some guy with a chainsaw will bust in the house. Now, I’ve never played a Resident Evil game before, but I might start buying one or two to see if I like them, because Resident Evil 4 looks that good. I heard some issues with the controls, but things like that don’t bother me. Plus, Gamecube has the remade versions of Resident Evil 1 and Zero, so I may use the money I saved on Colosseum on those.

My massive AP World History homework is done now, so hopefully I can catch up on the fun things in my life, like games, anime, writing, and that little thing called sleep. I hear you need that. It’s doctor approved. Oh, and I am sorry about that depressing rant last week. I feel better now. See? I’m smiling. Oh, you can’t see…gotta get a web cam then. Maybe once I inherit some fortune.

And now, the happy face. =)

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