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Dungeons and Dragons

Action and adventure await in the original epic fantasy roleplaying game filled with swords, sorcery, monsters, and magic.

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Ragnarok Info and Data

Ragnarok Universe

For Elitist Type Info. It holds lots of formulas and is accurate, but is concurrent with kRO, not iRO, so the info is good, just not totally for iRO.


One of the Former Original Official iRO Fansites. Decent and might actually be updated with the return of Cherry, site webmaster.

Ragnarok Online [Dynamic Database]

A very organized iRO site. You can find out about almost anything in the game here (even what items come out of OBB and OPB!)


RagnaInfo, a decent site with an up to date forum. Updated with the new kRO patches translated into English every Monday. Possibly the future of iRO.

RO Date Zone

Another RO data site. Has a lot of data pertaining to iRO, and has formula sheets to show how your stats (atk, hit, crit, etc.) are affected by your stat points (dex, agi, etc.)

Character Simulators

RO Sprite Collection

Zipped Sprite Images of all things RO. Includes 2-2 sprites and the always amusing weapon sprites. Go crazy with your sigs and avatars!

iRO Character Simulator

Flash based character simulator. Only downside is that you can't really save the copy of your created character.

Stat / Skill / Job Calculators

iRO Multicalc

An iRO stat calculator, that looks at quite a number of variables, including how much exp. you gain per minute depending on monsters, stats, etcetera. Very useful indeed.

Ragnarok Online Skill Simulator

A skill simulator for the currently playable characters. Useful to see what skills you can max and what you can sacrifice.

RO Entertainment - Games, Music, Flash Videos, Chat, Misc.

Ragnarok Battle Adventure

Ragnarok Battle Adventure 2

Downloads for the game and patch of Ragnarok Battle Adventure. Interesting game which actually has gone retail, but I can't find the creator site, anymore. Open with WinRar.

Think Fighting game, cept with RO characters! Seems to incomplete and doesn't look like it's being worked on. Please correct me if I'm wrong, It's got RO quality animation.

All I know is that it's RO related. I will post a description later.

All I know is that it's RO related. I will post a description later.

All I know is that it's RO related. I will post a description later.

Unrelated Links

Star Kingdoms

Star Kingdoms is the largest of the 2 games created by BSG online games. Members compete in an online universe. They attain military or economic power by interacting with all the other players.
Yoshy Tri Star plays this game and is a LuminatX Alliance Officer. Vega also plays. Join the fun!

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