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Mythril Dynasty Legends


Season One

Episode One: Strange Occurrences; Shônen’s Departure
Episode Two: The Quest for Self
Episode Three: The Zengoku Budokai
Episode Four: The Fighters Gather! Struggle in Darkness
Episode Five: The Tournament Begins! Seekers of the Dragon Tamer
Episode Six: Survive, Shônen! The Budokai Continues
Episode Seven: The Dragon Riders Appear! Formation of the Hiryuryôjin Alliance
Episode Eight: The Search Begins! On to Conoko
Episode Nine: Into the Pyramid
Episode Ten: End of the Pyramid
Episode Eleven: The Prophecy
Episode Twelve: The Return of the Great Dragon; To the Past
Episode Thirteen: Frustration and Confusion
Episode Fourteen: The Castle in the Sand
Episode Fifteen: Can’t We Talk This Over!? Topaz Dragon in the Mysterious Castle
Episode Sixteen: No Tournament?
Episode Seventeen: The First Ancient Site! Ring of Silence
Episode Eighteen: The Dimension of Teez
Episode Nineteen: Meet Apal! Ascend the South Tower
Episode Twenty: Defend Fugawari!
Episode Twenty-One: Proven Destiny
Episode Twenty-Two: Enter the Forge of Quietus
Episode Twenty-Three: Trial in the Tower
Episode Twenty-Four: Familiar Adversaries! The Top of the Forge of Quietus
Episode Twenty-Five: Face-Off! The Raging Battle Against the Dragon Riders!
Episode Twenty-Six: Bonded by Destiny! The Legendary Mythril Dynasty

Season Two

Episode Twenty-Seven: Enter Areffoj! Retrieve the New Animal Companions

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