Yes, It Is Summer
June 23, 2004

Got my two php books today. 1000+ pages to read and ingest. Will be a while before I get a new layout in php with more features. Update was late because I accidentally corrupted the LumiantX Forums, and that took priority over mdl. Yes, this sites forums also got blown up in a sense. I'll probly just make a combined forums for this site and the Mythril Dynasty iRO guild sometime soon. They had become pretty inactive anyways.

New Site Layout Sometime This Summer
June 6, 2004

This summer I will be learning the php programming language and updating the site with a newer, better, and more pretty layout. Everything will be changed except for the content and some new stuff should be on its way. I will have a lot more time to work on it.

Site Updated After Long Departure
May 1, 2004

All I have to say is one thing, and its not a word: YAY!

Site Updated - Twice!
April 4, 2004

Site updated for this week and last. Not much done on this website. LuminatX website is starting to come together. I'll release the URL when its done.

Site Updated - Forums Have a New Style
March 21, 2004

MDL 15 uploaded. Hild's site is being regularly updated for zRO Aesir so check there if you can't logon Also, LuminatX's webpage has been made (by me) and is being hosted on my webspace. I'll eventually add a link in the sidebar to it, but for now here's the link. is also set to redirect to that site. Lastly, the Lum forums and the Encypher forums are linked to the same database, so expect a lot of new members.

Site Updated - Forums Have a New Style
March 15, 2004

MDL 14 uploaded. New RO data folder and .exe/.xml/.ico uploaded. Forums have a new viewing style, go look ^_^

Small Site Update
March 7, 2004

All I did was put up MDL 13 and the new rants. Mmm... and earlier this week I added lots of Ragnarok Online links in the links section.

Site Updated Late
March 1, 2004

Sorry for the late update, but here it is. Increases the suspense for the release of episode 12 of MDL I suppose.

Major Site Update
Febuary 21, 2004

Necros reformated MDL episodes 1-10 to include italics and a few images were added by Yoshy in episodes 8, 9, and 11.

While the site is still low traffic I added some extra stuff to the site for our pioneer visitors. Right now there is a collection of MDL music as well as RO skins.
They can be found in the others section of the site.

Mythril Dyansty 11 Uploaded
It can be considered one of the series many mini-climaxes, and it contains some of my criptic writing ^_^
Be sure to check it out!

New IRC Channel
Febuary 19, 2004

paradoX was getting fed up with running #zephyronline, so I started a new channel. Took me a while to get all the settings right, but I think I got it.

channel: #encypherealms

Please try and get all the old ZO people there

Mythril Dynasty Legends 10 Uploaded
Febuary 14, 2004

It's a good episode, read it. Also, be sure to sign up in the forums and start talking!

Website Uploaded and Opened!
Mythril Dynasty Legends Uploaded

Febuary 3, 2004

Well I finally purchased some webspace to host this site! paradoX an admin at Zephyr Online has decided to discontinue his website so I am putting up a simple one here. The forums will be shared with The Chronicles and Zephyr Online. Also this will help increase traffic for Encypher, the The Chronicles, and Zephyr Online.

I have uploaded all the currently released episodes of Mythril Dynasty Legends, and 1 more a week will be coming out (hopefully). Now you may give the link to friends or other contacts and re-read episodes you may have deleted from your inbox.

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