The Chronicles of Vilskiana

The Code

Please be sure to read the code before reading any of the stories. It includes all of the authors special notation.

Era of Legends

This “OVA” story relates the origins of many elements that will become important in the later stories of The Chronicles of Vilskiana. The first story introduces the Eternal Gods and tells an important event. The second story tells the origins of TM Oniyosho the yoshi. The series is wrapped up with the third story, which shows how Necros Antiquor came to be, in addition to setting the stage for Bloosh! This essential series is where the entire story begins.


Get ready for a crazy adventure with plenty of off-the-wall humor and exciting battles. When an unknown force invades the Heavenly Plane, banishes the Eternal Gods, 12 mysterious orbs, and fuses all the dimensions together under his control, the four chosen ones are brought together: the enlightened yoshi called TM Oniyosho, an alien warlord known as the Hivemind, a young man named Necros Antiquor who searches for greater power, and the mysterious Kamenoto. Together, they set off to recover the 12 Elemental Orbs, the key to unraveling the mystery. Loosely based off the D&D campaign by DM Kamenoto.

TBA – Coming Soon!

This story is still in the development stages and will not be released for a long time. I am sorry no information can be given on it; this is because it may ruin the premise of the story.

Power Struggle (Working Title) – Coming Soon!

It is the end of everything we know as a dangerous man achieves his darkest desires…Look for familiar characters and plenty of action!

Mythril Dynasty Legends

Denkiteki Shônen was a novice swordsman who was sent out to investigate reports of a dragon in his area. However, what seemed to be an easy task soon turns out to be much more. More serious. More mysterious. More dangerous. Join Elrohir Denelind, Denkiteki Shônen, Vega Voltesa, Shem Whistler, and Yarias Nïalo as they struggle to unlock the secrets surrounding two ancient forces, forces that could tear the world apart. Based off a D&D campaign by DM Yoshy Tri Star.

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