The Code

The code used by the author in all stories

< and >: Anything between the greater than and less than signs is indicated as a “flashback.” It is usually accompanied by a line like “I remember this.”

[ and ]: Anything between brackets is a story being told by someone. This is especially important in Era of Legends, since the entire thing is a bunch of important stories.

* and *: Anything between these asterisks is a sound effect. I hate using these. You will not see many of these unless I absolutely have to use them, like in a “script” for the characters when there are sounds.

( and ): These are parentheses. I won’t use them often. They have no special meaning.

Italicized Writing: Unless someone is directly speaking a few italicized words, an italicized phrase is spoken within someone's head. It is usually accompanied by “, he thought” at the end.

UPPERCASE WORDS: Hmmm, I wonder? Someone is yelling! I try to use this as little as possible, though not as little as *s.

Writing in a Different Font than Usual: This could mean two things. Number one: It is an ancient text that has been translated and is being read aloud. Number two: Someone has written something in their handwriting and it is being read by someone else. (This is the case as well for the second font in the example.) This stuff could change down the line.

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